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Olives and delicacies - Artisan of the month, June 2024

The month of June and the beginning of summer herald the season when gardens are full of fresh, crunchy vegetables that make us want to make colorful and nutritious salads.

Although olive oils and balsamic vinegars are by far only reserved for garnishing salads, we are still taking advantage of this moment to introduce you to a local company that offers a superb range of extra olive oils. -virgin and tasty balsamic.

Let Catherine, founder of Olives et gourmandises, tell us about her company and its products.


Company Name : Olives and delicacies
Year of foundation : 2014
Location : Saint-Georges-de-Beauce
Owners : Catherine Veilleux and Sabrina Paré

Catherine and Sabrina - Olives and delicacies

Gourmet boutique :

How did you come to create your business?

During my travels in Europe, I discovered what truly good olive oil was, its good taste, but also its many health benefits. I quickly understood that this food was an essential in the kitchen and that it could help us stay healthy while adding exceptional flavor to our dishes. I fell in love with olive oil as one can fall in love with the world of wine. I finally wanted to introduce this wonderful product to Quebecers.

Gourmet boutique:
Which of your products is the most popular?

Tuscan Herb Olive Oil is our most requested product. Its exquisite flavor which goes well with both meats and vegetables pleases everyone.

Gourmet boutique:
And you personally, what is your favorite product?

Catherine :
I love blood orange olive oil . It's an explosion of flavor in the mouth. This oil is very versatile, it can be used as a marinade for chicken or as a vinaigrette for a fruity salad. It is also excellent in cakes and muffins.

Gourmet boutique:
Do you have an unusual or particularly tasty suggestion to offer us for using your products?

Catherine :
I like to replace the butter on my popcorn with buttery olive oil. This way I get the flavor of butter and the health benefits of olive oil.

Just like I love to spice up my breakfast potatoes with bacon olive oil .

And when I want to make a dairy-free garlic butter, I simply mix garlic olive oil , butter olive oil and lemon olive oil . , depending on my mood, I add herbs or parsley. It's so tasty!

Gourmet boutique:
Basically, your products do not come from Quebec, but you still collaborate with local artisans.

Catherine :
Indeed, we know well that olives are not grown in Quebec, however, we collaborate with local artisanal businesses. We created a smoked olive oil in collaboration with Les As du Fumoir de Bury and a garlic flower olive oil thanks to a partnership with Ferme A. Toulouse , a company from Beauce, our region.

We greatly appreciate these collaborations.

Gourmet boutique:
Olives et gourmandises is best known for its olive oils and balsamics, but you also offer other products.

Catherine :
We are constantly adding new products to our line, including two salad dressings. We have also created a collection of homemade spice blends which are very popular.

Gourmet boutique:
Olives et gourmandises celebrated its 10th anniversary last month. Congratulations ! We hope you continue to offer us your excellent products for a long time to come.

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